The Galena Twins

Identical Twin Sister Space Marines


Both sisters are 5’8" tall, 26 years old, and possess perfect posture. Both have the same voluptuous/exceptional physical conditioning and are considerably attractive as a result.

The two sister are combat infantry soldiers who are identical in every way except the following:

Toni has artificially black hair she keeps in the standard military regulation french braid and is pessimistic about any and all situations. She hates being in the military and does it solely to support her sister, Tawny. Toni has an additional dot of Conviction, and her Mental stats are Primary. She prefers close-in combat over ranged.

Motivation: Protect and provide for Tawny

Tawny has golden blond hair that she lets fall in dual braids she accessorizes and artificially enhanced breasts. Tawny is cheerful,curious, and, compassionate. She is on her second enlistment and has fulfilled the mandatory service for citizenship. She loves and admires Toni, but feels dwarfed in Toni’s achievements. Tawny gains an additional dot of Compassion, and her Social stats are Primary. She prefers ranged combat but is a horrible shot.

Motivation: Participate in the entire galaxy (eat/drink/“love” the widest variety of experiences)


The Galena Twins

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