Canticle of the Illuminated Void

The Story so Far

Our story begins with a Sidereal exalt named “Gold Strider” whom during his academic investigations stumbles upon a bit of recorded lore from a Solar exalt known only as “the General”. Gold Strider connects with a series of spirits and discovers that the legendary “First Vessel” of legend had crash landed on the moon that came to be known as Rathess IV eons before. Gold Strider went to investigate the crash site and discovered the ship had unique Solar-only security protocols in place. Gold Strider wasn’t the only one to discover the location of the ship and Infernal named, Opulent Emerald Crux, also found the location of the ship. Out of greed, Crux attempted access the ship only to discover the security protocols in place and was defeated by Gold Strider and his Sidereal, “Jade”. Crux vows revenge. Jade and Gold Strider agree to catalog the spoils equally for finding the “key” essences in their respective current incarnations. Gold Strider assumes a destiny and seeks out Solaris. While Jade depart to Terminus to find Lacuna.

Lacuna, the Midnight caste Abyssal Exalt, receiving word from a displaced ghost that a great transgression against his kind had been made on the moon Rathess IV. The water-aspected Dragon-Blooded Pelepa Iruka and her partner, Kess, attempt to rescue the Eclipse Solar Exalted, Solaris Iselsi. After severing Solaris from his Imperial tracker the duo escape a bullet train on the planet of Meru Prime. Afterwards they seek out Solaris to help him escape to the Solar safe haven of the Titan space station.

In transit to the space station, Solaris, Kess, & Pelepa crash land on Rathess IV, just as Cynosure Bhagwei and his assistant, Haya, meet with Ragara Mund who has found a horribly desecrated mass grave on the jungle moon. Lacuna confronts Bhagwei about what has happened. A fight commences between Bagwhei & Lacuna. In a horrific display of celestial arrogance, Lacuna, moves to ignore the Dragon-blooded scientist during the fight. Mund is separated from the rest of the party and forced to battle the Abyssal scientist, Wickedness-Walks-This-Way, Mund who was knocked unconscious and lost a hand, was assisted by a demon and a Sidereal Exalt known only as “Jade”. Haya and Bhagwei’s familiar stowaway on his Belaran-Class vessel that was being stolen by The Ivory Rose. Pelepa gets ambushed by Neolithic Ratch villagers and is captured and taken to their sacrificial alter.

Lacuna, Bhagwei, Solaris, & far in the rear Kess make their way to a temple that Lucuna was told to find the necromancer responsible. The temple is carved out of the side of a dead volcano and has an essence-empowered sacrificial alter to the Eclipse Solar Exalt Baroness Annabenadetti, an ancient incarnation of Solaris’ exalted anima. Along the way the combat the some Neolithic Ratch and quickly storm their village. Where they recover a Ratch tholar doll named, An’suu Dae (“An” family name, “Suu” Surname, “Dae” Birth Order, in this case, the youngest) and Pelepa being prepared to be sacrificed to the volcano. After a prompt rescue and Lacuna’s merciless execution of the mortal necromancer the troupe set off into the volcano to investigate a potent essence source.


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