Personal Communication Device (PCD)

Universal Personal Communication


Personal communication devices are the primary means of communication between citizens of the galaxy. The small handheld units vary in sizes ranging from a matchbook to military grade field phones. The PCD relies on a receiving PCD and a planetary comm network to function. In addition to voice communication, the standard PCD can capture photos and videos. The upgraded, luxury, and military models have all the capabilities of its single dot predecessor and can provide planetary navigation, non-verbal communication options (“wordsmith”), and connection to Grand Celestial Mountain. Artifact (:2) versions of the PCD exist and offer exclusive powers based on their material composition:

· Orichalcum: The user can create a holographic projection of themselves across the network that allows the Exalt to use Presence, Performance, and Socialize charms on the receiving end.

· Moonsilver: In Chaospace, the PCD can still communicate through Wordsmith and the phones navigation protocols will always be able to point the way out of Chaospace.

· Jade: The Exalt can use the PCD as a melee weapon without a stunt. The stats are the same as a jade smashfist.

· Starmetal: By committing 5 motes, the starmetal PCD can create a pair of “spectral hands” in the GCM without the Exalt physically leaving real space.

· Soulsteel: By playing a chilling eerie death cant, all ghosts within (User’s essence x 10) yards are drawn to the sound. This counts as unnatural mental influence.


Pretty much all first world planets have a network that supports a PCD.

Personal Communication Device (PCD)

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