Cynosure Bhagwei


Cynosure Bhagwei

Aspect: Wood
Concept: Archaeogeneticist
Motivation: To track the genetic makeup of biospheres back to Creation
Anima: Emerald sporangia spread through the air around him, spewing a thick cloud of glowing spores

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 2

Athletics 1, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 2, Craft (Earth) 1, Craft (Genesis) 3 (Archaeogenetics +1), Craft (Water) 1, Drive 1, *Firearms 3 (Pistols +2), *Investigation 4, Linguistics 2 (Native: Dominionspeak, Old Realm, Tradetongue), *Lore 3 (Creation +1), Martial Arts 2, *Medicine 3, Melee 1, Occult 1, *Performance 2, Presence 1, Resistance 1, Socialize 2, *Survival 3, War 1

Artifact 3 (Wound Mending Needles, Cache egg 1, Starcaster “Portentous Comet”), Backing (Cynosure) 1, Breeding 1, Connections (Academic) 1, Familiar 3 (Chthon), Manse 3 (Dragon Willow Agate, Stone of the Sure Path, Gemstone of Surface Thoughts), Mentor 1 (Ragara Mund), Reputation 1, Resources 4, Retainers 1 (Cynosure Celestia, steward, and Haya, secretary)

Elemental Concentration Trance, Investigation 1st Excellency, Language-Learning Ritual, Lore 1st Excellency, Medicine 1st Excellency, Revelation of Associates Hunch, Survival 1st Excellency

Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2

Willpower 5
Essence 3

Experience 12/12



Bhagwei is tall, with olive skin, and a slender but toned frame. His Wood Aspect shows in the chlorophyll color of his eyes and a green gloss when light reflects from his dark hair. He is typically clean-shaven with his hair pulled back in ponytail. Bhagwei prefers to wear natural materials, but is pragmatic enough to supplement them with synthetic when necessary. He often dresses in dark brown cotton denim pants, leather belt with a holster for his blaster, green silk shirt, sturdy boots, and an armored vest tailored to conceal its role.


Many scholars see the chaos of life as anathema to the preservation of history. In his lectures, Professor Bhagwei teaches his students that history is preserved by life. It is his goal to determine the homeworld of mankind, Creation, by tracking the genetics of the biospheres of the galaxy.

As a child growing up in the wealthy Cynosure clan of the Ten Million Dragons, Bhagwei benefitted from opportunities and education not readily available to others. Of course, he also endured the trials of infighting and nepotism. Neither of his parents is Exalted, so while they were given charge of family business, it was that of managing the resources of the forest world of Arilak. Before he started annual trips to boarding school, Bhagwei regularly accompanied his father’s expeditions into the jungles and other woodlands of the planet. He was fascinated by the sheer diversity of the animals and flowers they would harvest for offworld export.

Once he started regular schooling, the stories of his Neo-Haltan nanny about Creation sparked into a full-blown interest in history. Having started reading earlier than most children, Bhagwei’s keen mind voraciously consumed every hint of reality about the lost homeworld that he could find. But there was no career to be had in this, so his parents pushed him to make sure he learned all of the skills deemed proper for a member of one of the dragon houses. They were not Exalted, but they still were expected to hold the standards of House Cynosure.

Things changed for the family in the spring of Bhagwei’s thirteenth year. He met a girl named Cia. She was a little older than he, and more mature. Because Cia came from a patrician house, with no Dragon-Blooded relatives, his family discouraged him from spending time with her. However, the two began a teen romance. It ended tragically the first time they tried to have sex. In the throes of his first intimate encounter, Bhagwei Exalted as a Wood Aspect, while Cia was poisoned by his touch. The Cynosure paid off her family, and sent Bhagwei to a more prestigious school.

With the lifeblood of Sextes Jylis flowing in his veins, Bhagwei eventually overcame the paralyzing grief and suicidal depression he felt from his experience. He threw himself into his school work, and unfettered from many of the restrictions of his parents due to his Exaltation, he pursued the trail of lost Creation with fervor. His natural talents with medicine turned to archaeogenetic research. His easy knack for survivalism led to the exploration of a new world with every break from school. He sought out a mentor who could help him turn this search into a career, so he would never have to abandon it.

Cynosure Bhagwei

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