The Canticle of the Illuminated Void

“As the wind passes through the trees the whistle and rustling leaves is not simply noise. It is the history of our world. Of our Empire. As the dark fought with the light; their war was recorded by the trees, and the wind and earth itself. The tale of your grandfather’s legend is sung as a hymn of inspiration across all faiths, a grand dictation of what being Exalted is meant to be, and an embodiment of heavenly truth and justice. Your legacy has right to the throne, a throne my father earned in blood and scintillating swells of colorful essence. A throne I am preparing to pass on to you.”

Ignatius II The Wise, Galactic Emperor,
Prime Year 22160

The Canticle of the Illuminated Void is a recounting of heroic tales from a dying father to his child as he grooms the child to ascend to the throne. The child, a grandchild of one of the PCs, listens night after night as his father speaks on his grandfather’s many galactic exploits. At the time of this writing, who the narrator is and who his father is, remains unclear.

Canticle of the Illuminated Void

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